Baptism - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Generally Baptisms take place on the first three Sundays of every month. Make contact with the Parish Office and fill out the Parish Baptism Application Form. The Office will then book you in for the Pre-Baptism course which takes place in St Michael’s Family Life Centre, Church Hill, on the third Thursday of each month at 8.00p.m. and lasts for one hour.

A. Obtain a Baptismal Candle for your child. These are available from Veritas, Adelaide St. across the road from Sligo Cathedral.

A. On Sundays at 1.15p.m. sharp.

A. No. Donation optional.

A. No. But we strongly recommend that your child be baptised in their home parish because it is there you will bring them to Church and there, please God, your child will receive the other Sacraments of the Church. It is usual to require a letter from the Parish Priest of your home Parish giving permission for the Baptism to take place.

A. Baptism is the start of a journey of faith for your child and the beginning of a very special friendship with the God who loves all of us so much. In Baptism your child will receive God’s sanctifying grace (a special free gift of God that helps us to respond to his call to become his children and gives us a share with Jesus in his own eternal life, so that we can call him ‘our Father.’)

A. You may contact one of the priests who will meet with you and the Parishes Cluster Catechist.

A process that will embrace you in the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation will then begin.

This is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, referred to by the abbreviation RCIA, a course that will support you on your faith journey, helping you to come to know the love of the living Lord Jesus.


No fee is necessary. The only requirement is openness to the mystery of the redeeming love of God.