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Congratulations. Yes, you are welcome to get married in St Anne’s and we would be delighted to assist you.

First, call in to the Parish Secretary to book a date for your wedding. You may choose either the main Church or the intimate and cosy day Chapel which comfortably seats 100 people.

A minimum of six months’ notice is required for all weddings.

Arrange to have a priest to solemnise the wedding.

If you don’t have a priest of your own, please make contact with one of the Parish clergy.

Make an appointment with the civil registrar to apply for a Marriage Registration Form. The Sligo registrar’s office no. is (071) 91 55115.

Arrange your Pre-Marriage Course with Accord.

Phone (071 9145641 email


Not quite! You will need up-to-date Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates and a Letter of Freedom to ensure that you can validly marry in the Catholic Church.

Along with these, take your Marriage Registration Form and Accord Pre-Marriage Course Certificate to your priest, and he will complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms with you.

All that remains now is to prepare for your wedding ceremony.

As the wedding ceremony is part of the Church’s Liturgy, please note that the readings will be from Sacred Scripture (the Bible) and the other prayers from the official texts provided by the Church.

It is also expected that music will be sacred and in keeping with the dignity of the church and the Sacrament being celebrated.

That’s not a problem. A special Church Dispensation will be required and this will be arranged when the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry forms are being filled, but don’t leave it too late.

Also, should you wish, we can plan a Wedding Service instead of having a Nuptial Mass.

Come and order your certificates of Baptism and Confirmation and your Letter of Freedom from the Parish Office and arrange with one of the priests to complete the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form with you and send it to the Church in which you are getting married.

If you are having the wedding abroad, your documentation will require approval from the Bishop’s Office, and they will transmit it to the Diocese abroad.

We would also recommend that you consult the registrar about civil recognition for marriages abroad.

If you are from the parish, there is no fee for a “No Frills” ceremony. Donation at your discretion. For couples, however, with no direct relationship with St Anne’s, a fee of €250 to cover heating, light, cleaning and other expenses is payable when the church is being booked.

Yes. You will find the following useful:

  1. The Celebration of Marriage within Mass (Veritas ISBN 978 184730 348.6)
  1. The Wedding Mass – Readings, Prayers and Blessings.(Veritas ISBN 978 184730 319.6)
  1. Our Wedding (Redemptorist Publications ISBN 978.0.85231 349 7)
  1. How to Survive being Married to a Catholic (Redemptorist Publications ISBN 978.0.85231 305 3)

Yes. But if you have any other question, please phone the office, or better still, drop in for a chat.